Les Jeux d'hiver

Site policies & regulations

The security of participants and employees is our number one priority.

That’s why the Olympic Park has put Policies & Regulations in place for all participants regarding the use of the site.


Anyone exhibiting inappropriate behaviour may be asked to leave the site.

Aggressive behaviour is strictly prohibited. Any assault or acts/gestures that are hateful, threatening, or violent are forbidden under threat of expulsion and/or prosecution.

Anyone who violates the site Policies & Regulations or any applicable laws, such as vandalizing the Jeux d’hiver site or damaging installations or buildings, will be asked to leave without prior notice and/or prosecuted.

Weather conditions

For your safety, the Jeux d’hiver may temporarily cease activities due to weather conditions such as heavy snow, rain, or winds. Activities will recommence once conditions are judged safe for participants.

Some activities may be cancelled at the sole discretion of the Olympic Park due to weather conditions or any other safety reason, and signs stating this must be respected.

Unauthorized products

The possession, sale, and/or consumption of illegal substances is strictly forbidden on site under threat of immediate expulsion and possible prosecution.

For safety reasons, the following are not allowed on site:

  • Glass containers
  • Aluminum and aerosol containers
  • Fireworks
  • Pocketknives or similar objects, of any size
  • Firearms
  • Drugs and/or illicit or unregulated substances

General regulations

In accordance with the law, the sale and consumption of alcohol is prohibited for all persons under 18. Photo ID may be requested.

Smoking on site is prohibited, as is the use of e-cigarettes (vaping).

All garbage must be placed in designated containers.

Anyone showing signs of intoxication and/or harmful behaviour may be refused access to the site or asked to leave without remuneration.

In case of emergency, contact security at 514-252-4680.

Minor first aid, equipment failure, damage to installations, and potential dangers must be reported immediately to personnel on site or, in their absence, to Olympic Park security at 514-252-4141, ext. 5555.

Pets (dogs)

Dogs are welcome on site, but must be on a leash that meets current municipal regulations. Dogs are not allowed on the ice rink or in any buildings on site.

The Olympic Park cannot be held responsible for any injuries or lost/stolen items.

Activity policies & regulations

Ice rink

Use of the ice rink is at your own risk at all times. Skating should not be performed alone or without supervision.

Skaters must use appropriate equipment that’s in good condition. It is strongly recommended that everyone wear a protective helmet.

Skaters must keep a reasonable speed and maintain a safe distance from other skaters so as not to trip or stumble into them.

No items that could affect the safety of skaters will be tolerated on the ice.

It is forbidden to eat, drink, or smoke on the rink.

No jostling, fighting, snowball fights, or chasing on skates will be tolerated.

Mini slide and snowskate park

Use of the mini slide and/or snowskate park is at your own risk at all times.

A helmet is mandatory for anyone using the snowskate park.

Equipment loan (sledding accessories, helmets, and snowskates)

  • The Olympic Park and Financière Sun Life will loan equipment for free based on trust.
  • After use, please return all equipment borrowed to the Financière Sun Life equipment container located between the mini slide and snowskate park.

All users must:

  • respect other participants (no jostling)
  • leave the hill quickly once they finish their slide to avoid collisions
  • climb to the top of the hill using the stairs provided
  • return all equipment to the designated area when finished
  • share equipment lent by the Olympic Park with other participants
  • use appropriate equipment that’s in good condition

It is forbidden to eat, drink, or smoke on mini slide and snowskate park.

The Olympic Park cannot be held responsible for any injuries or lost/stolen items.