Les Jeux d'hiver

Chalet space

The Jeux d’hiver also offers a heated space where you can take a break between activities and enjoy the cozy comfort of our Chalet Space.

Stop by the café-bistro for lattés, hot chocolate, and a menu full of comfort food. You can also bring a packed lunch or cooler.

Various kids’ activities will be offered mornings and afternoons.

Ice rink and Mini slide

2 board-free ice rink is available for kids and grown ups alike. Be sure to bring your skates!

There’s also a heated space near the rink during the Jeux d’hiver’s opening hours.

Your little ones can take advantage of a mini slide created just for them during the Jeux d’hiver. Sliding accessories* are available free on site thanks to the support of Financière Sun Life.

* Limited quantities available.

Snowskate park

Discover this amazing winter sport at our snowskate park, set up at the Esplanade Financière Sun Life just for the Jeux d’hiver.

Enjoy four practice areas, helmets*, and boards*—all available free thanks to Financière Sun Life.

* Limited quantities available.